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Development in Open Source

Development in Open Source Open Source projects have gained in the past few years an entirely different reputation in the public’s eye, in a good sense. Now-days we are seeing things happening in the Open Source arena, beautiful things, that most of us didn’t expect to take place so fast and so intense. Among these, are the huge amount of endorsement in terms of project sponsorship coming from Fortune 500...

WiFi Support on Ubuntu Dapper 0

WiFi Support on Ubuntu Dapper

Well it comes a time in one’s life when one needs to say goodbye to his favorite RJ45 LAN cable and welcome in greetings the WiFi architecture on which to get some juicy IPv4 connectivity. So first of all I had to test open networks connections, this obviously worked like a charm. WEP is also well supported out of the box (and is referenced as ‘restricted’ networks in wifi-radar) then...