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Most decisions in life are reversible

You might be the conservative character, the shy person, or possibly the one taking less risks when it comes to making decisions all around. If┬áthat’s the case, I want to let you in on a small tip: most decisions in life are reversible. They truly are. Decisions shape our lives, and they drive us to action, which further shapes our reality and day to day interaction with the world. Whether...

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MEAN.io Session Cookie parameters

Continuing with my contribution to the MEAN.io (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS) technology stack (or should we say framework by now with the progress it’s been making?) I’ve submitted another pull request to allow setting up MEAN.io session cookie parameters. It is often required for enterprise applications to set session cookie parameters and not rely on Express’s defaults. These parameters are for example the cookie expiration time, and whether the...