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More Munin monitoring – track apache web server health

Monitoring apache Monitoring internal apache information is useful if you’re using it to serve your web application requests. It has an internal module which you can load (and probably loaded by default already) called mod_status. To add monitoring for apache you need to enable mod_status module and uncomment the /server-status directory. If you’re working with an .htaccess that overrides the vhost/normal configuration you probably also need to skip re-writing the...

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Book review: Instant Munin Plugin Starter

This book could not have come in a better timing. I have only recently researched an easy to maintain and gets-the-job-done monitoring tool and if you’ve dealt before with monitoring tools and network operating centers (NOC) in general then you know that some tools are just an overkill. Nagios, Zenoss and the rest of them are good tools on their own but the overhead with configuration, and deployment, having a central...

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Monitoring Drupal with Munin

Munin is a lightweight server/agent monitoring tool. Basically, it works by installing agents on machines you wish to monitor and they report status messages to a munin server, which is another component (ofcourse both the server and agent can run on the same machine). Munin saves those status messages in it’s own data store and is integrated with rrdtool to produce nice looking graphs which give you an overview of daily, weekly, monthly...