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Linux Certifications or not? 0

Linux Certifications or not?

Well certifications are a big deal doesn’t matter who is the vendor, whether its cisco, checkpoint, lpi or redhat, it’s always a really frightening and exhausting issue.Why? I think this is mainly because nowdays these users are touching every angle of the subject in question whether its linux or networking and you can’t possibly remember everything you do and memorize it to perfection so that you’d score in the cert...



The guys at Fonality didn’t care enough to get a .deb package for us debian guys so here’s a quick copy and paste guide to get hudlite-server installed on debian (unstbale in my case). Perl module dependencies: apt-get update apt-get install libnet-dns-perl apt-get install libxml-parser-perl libxml-simple-perl apt-get install libpoe-component-client-dns-perl libpoe-filter-ircd-perl libpoe-filter-xml-perl libpoe-perl libpoe-component-client-dns-perl libacme-poe-knee-perl IRCd install: apt-get install ircd-hybrid mv /etc/ircd-hybrid/ircd.conf /etc/ircd-hybrid/ircd.conf.orig nano /etc/ircd-hybrid/ircd.conf make sure it looks like this:#...

Allegro Linux 0

Allegro Linux

This is the name I’ve chosen for an extremely intenssive project I’m working for quite some time. Allegro Linux aims to be the most suitable solution for Small Business Server deployments. I’m hoping abrotman from #debian on freenode (irc net) is going to join me on this big project. Stay tuned. Allegro, by the way, is a musical notation for playing in fast tempo.

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Is Linux Desktop-Ready yet?

The time-machine: my unpublished blog post from 2006: — Is Linux Desktop-Ready yet? I’ll start with a short story- ¬†just recently a new job position opened at my firm in the area of Linux expertise. I’ve been interviewing several people but one was something special. The first 3 minutes of the interview went like this: me: – “Do you have some personal experience with Linux?” candidate:¬†- “I’ve installed Linux before...