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Vagrant networking to enable Internet accessible machine setup

If you’re using vagrant, like most devopsers out there, you might have also been on the road to run it on a local development machine and make it accessible through the Internet with some NAT rules on your modem or firewall. If you experienced this, and been struggling with getting vagrant networking to function right then we will look into a working setup for this purpose. The case where networking issues could occur,...

Device Drivers migration #1 0

Device Drivers migration #1

Migrating drivers is always a fun thing to do. All most all migrations of device drivers from a 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 kernel has one thing in common and that’s handling of device node registration. If the 2.6 kernel supports devfs (CONFIG_DEVFS_FS) then it may be possible that API changes are very small if any although if the 2.6 version of the kernel you’re running doesn’t support DEVFS and...

How to tell if you’re a kernel geek? 0

How to tell if you’re a kernel geek?

Me and my friend Yakov have this habit where each morning when we go to work we make a cup of coffee and start the morning by reviewing what’s new on Sourceforge and Freshmeat and basically catching up with the new development and news around the Linux and Open Source community. Though it just hit me. In the past few months I’ve been visiting kerneltrap and other core kernel related...

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Development in Open Source

Development in Open Source Open Source projects have gained in the past few years an entirely different reputation in the public’s eye, in a good sense. Now-days we are seeing things happening in the Open Source arena, beautiful things, that most of us didn’t expect to take place so fast and so intense. Among these, are the huge amount of endorsement in terms of project sponsorship coming from Fortune 500...

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FreeSWITCH – A new revolution in VoIP?

I’ve stumbled upon the word FreeSWITCH during a research I was conducting the last few days and as it turns out, FreeSWITCH is a soft-switch application designed with modularity in mind. It can act as a full-blown PBX or regular soft-switch for routing actions. It integrates with Jabber (googletalk), SIP, H323, IAX naturally. Seems like it is still in early development but looks like a promising new voip application never-the-less....

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Compiling single kernel module

We sometimes find ourselves in the need to compile just one module, and not the entire set of modules under the tree. The Makefile that is present in the dir of the module you wish to compile should read “obj-m := module.o” Run make -C /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.XX-YY-ZZZ/ SUBDIRS=$PWD modules Compiliation should be successful and you should see the binary objects in the current dir now. Reference: http://lwn.net/Articles/21835/ http://lwn.net/Articles/21835/

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Smashing OpenWRT Embedded for fun

A prelude: Great news. After I had a talk with a friend of mine, Roie, whose basically a guru at all things embedded-related I decided to start working on some embedded devices for some projects. At first I took a glance at PC Engines WRAP devices but these are basically just your regular x86 embedded boxes so I ordered for the office to play with. The embedded wrap should be...

Hylafax + Iaxmodem on pure Asterisk/FreePBX (replacing (rt)fax) 0

Hylafax + Iaxmodem on pure Asterisk/FreePBX (replacing (rt)fax)

Steps that should be taken to replace (rt)fax which comes with a default asterisk/freepbx install with iaxmodem+hylafax solution. The whole procedure was done on a debian testing/unstable with asterisk and freepbx (2.1.0) installed. install hylafax related tools: apt-get install hylafax-client hylafax-doc hylafax-server install iax related libraries (we’re installing libiax and spandsp libraries) apt-get install libiax-dev libiax0 libiaxclient-dev libspandsp-dev libspandsp1 install iaxmodem apt-get install iaxmodem Installation complete, let’s move on to...

Administration made easy for web hosting 0

Administration made easy for web hosting

We always try to find those tools that make our life easier as administrators. I personally dislike tools like phpmyadmin but I bet there are a whole lot of people out there who just find it more comfortable to edit their databases with it and not just that. Running a web hosting company is really a whole lot of headache. Managing users could be somewhat problematic and require customization and...