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Drupal 8 development – finding API changes through Drupal’s Change Records

When tackling a new framework or program code, in attempt to contribute and join the development effort, one may find it difficult to navigate through the set of APIs. That’s where documentation comes in. This is the case with new comers to Drupal‘s 8th development branch as well, except we don’t really have an official documentation up and ready at our disposal. While there are blog reviews covering different parts of...

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Enabling slideshows in Drupal by converting PPT and PDFs

One of the user stories we’ve been busy with at work was to enable a service similar to slideshare, where users are able to upload their presentations and we’ll create a browser slideshow for it. This means that we accept various formats, like the popular .ppt presentation files, and locally convert it to something we can work with and display on standards web browsers like images. Doing this with online services like...

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OG Content Access

Drupal has a flexible access control list (ACL) system, where it provides permissions and roles (also known as RBAC, Role Based Acess Control) per user. This eases administrators job by allowing them to group users into different classes or cateogories (roles) to create differentiation in user’s capabilities. While this fits most web applications built on top of Drupal it doesn’t fit them all. Drupal’s fault at this is that it...

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OG Analytics – an answer for a D6 organic groups environment

Analytics provide insights to behaviors and pattersn based on quantiable data. This is most often to aid in making decisions which aren’t just based on a hunch but rather on previous (recorded) experience. Running a Drupal 6 instance, we wanted to get more information in regards to how our content is being used within organic groups. The common statistics module won’t be of help in this case because it is...

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Writing “Drupal 7 Media”

My book, titled “Drupal 7 Media”, was released by Packt Publishing on July 2013. It started with an official e-mail from Packt Pub’s project co-ordinator for the book, asking if I’d be interested to take part in writing this book. I had some thoughts, as to whether this would be an appropriate time to work on it (writers have a schedule they need to meet), but after a quick self dialoge which...

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Monitoring Drupal with Munin

Munin is a lightweight server/agent monitoring tool. Basically, it works by installing agents on machines you wish to monitor and they report status messages to a munin server, which is another component (ofcourse both the server and agent can run on the same machine). Munin saves those status messages in it’s own data store and is integrated with rrdtool to produce nice looking graphs which give you an overview of daily, weekly, monthly...

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Disabling notifications for programmatic node updates

More than often, we Drupal developers find ourselves doing programmatic node modifications via the node_save() function. If you’re doing that as well as have messaging and notifications modules enabled in your site then given the case that your users have subscribed to content-type updates and you’re doing these ‘behind the scenes’ node_save() stuff then you’re effectively spamming them with email updates each time you run that function. To mitigate this issue, when saving...

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Drupal 7 Rules book which I worked on has been published recently

In the past year I’ve been working on a Drupal 7 Rules book as a technical reviewer, which got published recently by Packt Publishing. “Drupal Rules How-to” is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of clear step-by-step exercises, which will help you take advantage of the real power of the Rules framework, and understand how to use it on a site builder and developer level.

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Attachment links fixes for in-browser download

If to quote the attachment links project on Drupal: “The Attachment Links module provides permanent links to files attached to a node. A single, easy-to-remember URL can be used to retrieve the preferred (canonical) or newest version of a file regardless of how many versions of that file have been attached to a node”. Incase the light-bulb didn’t turn on yet for you – with Drupal, if you upload a file...

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Implementing user-specific, role-based access control per node type, per group. (Part 4)

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Implementing Organic Groups RBAC per Node Type

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Implementing Organic Groups RBAC per Node TypeImplementing role-based node access control in groups. Overview As mentioned earlier, Drupal is pretty permissive by default and don’t offer a ‘view page’ kind of permission for page content type. Moreover, it’s attempt to call other modules to control access to the content type is limited only to the module that created this node...