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Heartbeat Dashboard 0

Heartbeat Dashboard

Still in the works but you can have a peep look at something new we’re also working on – heartbeat dashboard which is familiar to some from the Mesh dashboards projects out there. To those who aren’t familiar the idea is – a way to monitor information about a NAS (whether it’s running OpenWRT, DD-WRT, Ubiquity or other firmwares) without having to deploy complex monitoring systems nor without having to...

Operators handling change 0

Operators handling change

We’ve introduced a change in the db schema to allow a more flexible management of the ACLs (access lists) an operator has. The change has already been pushed into SVN a whlie back and requires to remove the current operators table and replace it with a new one and additional tables as well. Here is how the new operators ACL page looks like:

Users Portal changes 0

Users Portal changes

The old way of users to authenticate to the users portal by checking against their set password in the radcheck table is deprecated (which is not good for pin-cards or mac-based users since the auth-type would be accept instead of a password attribute). The new is that you set for the user a password and toggle whether the user is permitted to login or not (and possibly also to update...

PDF Invoices 0

PDF Invoices

Starting out with something new in the area of billing and such – Invoices support. While this is really just the start, not sure if to name it invoice, report or whatever but we’re starting out and added the PDF notifications as we’ll call them now in 2 places: Welcome notification – PDF notification emailed to the user upon creation Invoice/Report – currently implemented only for batch creations (and can...

daloradius1 0

New Batch Users Management

A really cool new addition to daloRADIUS’s batch system is the ability to track batch history and associate batch users you create with to a specific batch session and hotspot. Allowing more control over these users and much more data out of it: Reports based on the batch sessions, active users of an entire batch made out, etc… Take a look:   As you can see in the image above:...

FreeRADIUS sample config files 0

FreeRADIUS sample config files

Took care of organizing the configuration files for freeradius 1 and added ready-to-use config files for freeradius 2 as well. Take a look into contrib/configs/ and you’ll see the freeradius versions categroized into directories, inside you should find a directory listing with possible configurations, since we currently have just one version of it then that should be cfg1/ and inside that the freeradius/ or raddb/ directories as appropriate for freeradius...

We’re coming back… 0

We’re coming back…

Hey Everyone, I know the mailing list has been quiet for the past few months and so did this website though we have done work behind the scenes and if you have been watching code commits then you noticed that. Being busy with so many things – documentation, revamping billing design, etc but I will now track my changes up to about half a year back and post all the...

Import CSV Users 0

Import CSV Users

About 8 months ago we added a feature option to the Management -> Users pages to allow importing of users in the format of CSV (easy exporting from excel if you already manage it with that and a common method in general). When importing users, you may force associating them with a Profile (group) and a Plan. Moreover it’s possible to mark these users as mac-based users so an Auth-Type...

Feature – Accounting Plans Usage 0

Feature – Accounting Plans Usage

Added an accounting page to list user’s plans usage. Given a plan of time-based characteristics the page will list the user’s time usage for this plan as well as total traffic used. This obviously applies only to users with plans associated with.