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daloRADIUS User Portal Password Change – fix

daloRADIUS User Portal fix has been applied w ith regards to following up on SourceForge’s support request: #17 Cannot change password via User Portal The problem in question is only reproducible for Crypt type password when saving user’s password attributes to the database. The background for is that when daloRADIUS saves user’s password in the database with Cleartext-Password attribute then obviously there is no issue as the password is indeed...

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daloRADIUS 7th Anniversary – 2014 Wrap-up

The daloRADIUS project is celebrating it’s 7th Anniversary this month as a mature product on SourceForge and one of the most leading open source project in this industry! I had a feeling I’d need to convince you so here’s the pitch with some slides and backing this up with numbers and data: DaloRADIUS 2014 – 7th Anniversary         daloRADIUS project was founded way back in the early days of April-May...

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daloRADIUS Import Users – fix password type

Recently an issue has been reported with regards to a defect in importing users into daloRADIUS with a different password type than the default Cleartext-Password. The source for this problem can be tracked back to an issue that Adam opened on daloRADIUS’s discussion board, which mainly concerns with the problem of importing users where the password type field is not the default Cleartext-Password. A fix for this has already been...

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daloRADIUS bug fix for refill traffic or time

With thanks to Ezequiel Villarreal, and another fine example of the open source movement in general and the daloRADIUS users community in specific, a patch has been contributed to solve an issue with refilling a user’s traffic or time limits in daloRADIUS’s Accounting interface. Ezequiel was kind enough to e-mail information about a problem, along with constructive feedback on the project (always great to hear!), but not without also sending the fix...

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daloRADIUS VM update – missing php-mail-mime extension

Following a ticket on daloRADIUS’s SF page regarding a ‘blank page’ when creating a user/notification it lead me to investigate the issue. It seems that the VM is missing the php-mail-mime package. To mitigate this run: apt-get install php-mail-mime

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daloRADIUS is an advanced RADIUS web platform aimed at managing Hotspots and general-purpose ISP deployments. It features rich user management, graphical reporting, accounting, and integrates with GoogleMaps for geo-locating (GIS). daloRADIUS is written in PHP and JavaScript and utilizes a database abstraction layer for working with MySQL-based database backends.     daloRADIUS User Guide serves as an official user guide in a paperback hard-copy version. Complete Administrator’s User Guide to daloRADIUS Platform. daloRADIUS is...

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daloRADIUS VM update

A minimal daloRADIUS VM update for those of you who are still using the original VM you got from the previous daloradius.com blog website – the following commands are necessary to allow the web server user to save settings to daloradius.conf.php as well as add the web server user to the adm group so that it’s able to view log files by freeradius and such. chown www-data:www-data /var/www/daloradius/library/daloradius.conf.php usermod -a -G...

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daloRADIUS new website and offering

After a very long time where I’ve managed daloradius.com as an independent blog I have decided to revert it to a static content website with very little dynamic information, such as hooking it into ohloh and other RSS feeds. In context of this change I’ve also converted the older enginx.com static website content into a Drupal 7 based blog where I’ll post my blogs, daloRADIUS-related among them, where it can be easily captured...

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New Billing Invoices improvements

We’ve fixed some issues in Invoices management as well as added an Invoices Report page to list and filter the invoices database, as well as generating a CSV export for the displayed invoice list.  

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Further Billing improvements – Invoices and Payments

Further improvements to the billing area include support for creating and managing Invoices and Payments for users. On a special dev note – since FreeRADIUS doesn’t manage users as true user entities and there’s no user_id involved, then the payments and invoices are based on the user_id which is the id of the user in the userbillinfo table, hence it’s important to understand that every user related to billing must...