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Hylafax + Iaxmodem on pure Asterisk/FreePBX (replacing (rt)fax) 0

Hylafax + Iaxmodem on pure Asterisk/FreePBX (replacing (rt)fax)

Steps that should be taken to replace (rt)fax which comes with a default asterisk/freepbx install with iaxmodem+hylafax solution. The whole procedure was done on a debian testing/unstable with asterisk and freepbx (2.1.0) installed. install hylafax related tools: apt-get install hylafax-client hylafax-doc hylafax-server install iax related libraries (we’re installing libiax and spandsp libraries) apt-get install libiax-dev libiax0 libiaxclient-dev libspandsp-dev libspandsp1 install iaxmodem apt-get install iaxmodem Installation complete, let’s move on to...