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New Batch Users Management

A really cool new addition to daloRADIUS’s batch system is the ability to track batch history and associate batch users you create with to a specific batch session and hotspot. Allowing more control over these users and much more data out of it: Reports based on the batch sessions, active users of an entire batch made out, etc… Take a look:   As you can see in the image above:...

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FreeRADIUS sample config files

Took care of organizing the configuration files for freeradius 1 and added ready-to-use config files for freeradius 2 as well. Take a look into contrib/configs/ and you’ll see the freeradius versions categroized into directories, inside you should find a directory listing with possible configurations, since we currently have just one version of it then that should be cfg1/ and inside that the freeradius/ or raddb/ directories as appropriate for freeradius...

We’re coming back… 0

We’re coming back…

Hey Everyone, I know the mailing list has been quiet for the past few months and so did this website though we have done work behind the scenes and if you have been watching code commits then you noticed that. Being busy with so many things – documentation, revamping billing design, etc but I will now track my changes up to about half a year back and post all the...

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Import CSV Users

About 8 months ago we added a feature option to the Management -> Users pages to allow importing of users in the format of CSV (easy exporting from excel if you already manage it with that and a common method in general). When importing users, you may force associating them with a Profile (group) and a Plan. Moreover it’s possible to mark these users as mac-based users so an Auth-Type...

Feature – Accounting Plans Usage 0

Feature – Accounting Plans Usage

Added an accounting page to list user’s plans usage. Given a plan of time-based characteristics the page will list the user’s time usage for this plan as well as total traffic used. This obviously applies only to users with plans associated with.

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daloRADIUS 0.9-8

  daloRADIUS 0.9-8 has been released officially released on December 27th, 2008. Major highlites in this release include: added languages support – Italian and Hungarian added support for username filter in Online Users and Last Connected Users pages added duplicate profiles menu option added Subscription Analysis information in Edit User page added user status flags added sample captive portal pages added paypal sign-up page with complete provisioning in daloRADIUS added...

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New Feature – PayPal Transactions Billing

After adding customized Self Sign-up portals for PayPal as well as free, it’s time to add some support for reporting PayPal transactions happening for your Hotspot, isn’t it? Well then, here we go, we got some billing functionality added to this heavily growing platform called daloRADIUS and now you can add to your Hotspot a PayPal Self Sign-up page and track transactions made to your Hotspot easily!

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New Feature – Locations

  I’ve been pushing in something new… it’s called Locations support. The problem which adding Locations support targeted to solve is the issue which you may have several databases for your freeradius server (for example you’re hosting services for someone else or you would like to have multiple instances of a radius database for different hotspot locations) and you don’t want to install daloRADIUS platform (the web files) for each...