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Linux Games: Tremulous 0

Linux Games: Tremulous

I got sick of Americas Army, especially when there are just a few servers available to play since there’s no official port of .6 and the current .5 version of the linux port is low on free servers, mainly for linux and mac users. So the search for a new game has began and yielded Tremulous A great multiplayer game which runs smoothly on my new killer laptop Screenshots are...

Poetry, Episode 1 0

Poetry, Episode 1

I’ve uploaded the first chapter of my poetry works, Episode 1. Check it out. “Staring at beauty, Staring at you- Innocent as the ocean That remains forever blue. So young and clean, out of all that is sin. As if hidden beneath a shell, Your secrets, please tell.” – Innocence.

Endless tuxes 0

Endless tuxes

My god!#@! A TUX PLANET %#!!!@ Are those tuxes cute or what? I’m SO having them printed!

nessus3 install issue on ubuntu 0

nessus3 install issue on ubuntu

The usual – you download a package, installs it, it complains about a missing dependency to run. Nessus3 .deb package requires libssl.0.9.7 but well, ubuntu is so bleeding-edge that 0.9.8 is already there, and I know exactly what you’re thinking – apt-get remove libssl.0.9.8 && apt-get install libssl.0.9.7 – well I dare you to try that and mess up about 300 packages on the system. So whats a better way...

Ubuntu Laptop Guide 0

Ubuntu Laptop Guide

As part of the Ubuntu LaptopTestingTeam I’ve posted a guide on my Acer Aspire 5562WXMi model with Linux installed on it and full support for 3D, XGL+Compiz, etc…

MythEmail Plugin 0

MythEmail Plugin

I got around tonight to fine-tune the MythEmail plugin I’m working on right afte the great game between Italy and France for the soccer world cup title. (Zidan, what the hell were you thinking?) Currently it’s a small and working application and more of a learning project for me to get back on the horse for QT/C++ development after a long vacation from writing code. I’ll post the plugin as...

Poetry, Episode 1 0

Poetry, Episode 1

“For these are the words of the poet who dreams The language of artists and perfect beings.” – Liran Tal Nature’s Grace Blue sky with clouds around, birds sing in a passionate sound. The trees are green or so it seems, stars colored cream in space they dim. The bluest sea of waves in me, shining whales or so you see. Winds are blowing in heavenly forms, shaping rapidly to...