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Allegro Linux 0

Allegro Linux

This is the name I’ve chosen for an extremely intenssive project I’m working for quite some time. Allegro Linux aims to be the most suitable solution for Small Business Server deployments. I’m hoping abrotman from #debian on freenode (irc net) is going to join me on this big project. Stay tuned. Allegro, by the way, is a musical notation for playing in fast tempo.

20060423_ubuntu-dapper-beta 0

Is Linux Desktop-Ready yet?

The time-machine: my unpublished blog post from 2006: — Is Linux Desktop-Ready yet? I’ll start with a short story- ¬†just recently a new job position opened at my firm in the area of Linux expertise. I’ve been interviewing several people but one was something special. The first 3 minutes of the interview went like this: me: – “Do you have some personal experience with Linux?” candidate:¬†- “I’ve installed Linux before...

Tinkerbel Linux- Paris Hilton’s own distribution 0

Tinkerbel Linux- Paris Hilton’s own distribution

Debian, Slackware, RedHat and Suse- What do they all got in common? They’re all non-celebrity distributions. Paris Hilton is putting out her own Linux distribution, dubbed Tinkerbel. You may have not known but Paris is fluent with computer programming, mainly in QT/C++ and Perl, she has submited several patches on the kernel mailing list and is the author of the IPV6 Networking HOW-TO. I give you- The Paris Linux Still...

A Jewish Ninja? 0

A Jewish Ninja?

Believe it or not, but there’s a big local martial arts community which is all Judaism and its growing pretty big, and so I present to you the Grand Master Joshua Sofer in all his mighty: Their website is: Enjoy.

Internet Trends 0

Internet Trends

If you haven’t yet heard about Google Trends, google’s new service then you’re in the right place. The Google Trends services allows creating a visual graph of search statistics which upon you can compare between different search queries… which you can have a great deal of fun with Evolution of an OS [inspic=38,fullscreen] The Almighty Desktop Wars! [inspic=39,fullscreen] Make Love Not War [inspic=40,fullscreen]

yakovz and his new ubuntu laptop 0

yakovz and his new ubuntu laptop

yakov at my apartment, we’re installing some mad ereet ubuntu dapper on his dell d620 laptop. [inspic=35,,fullscreen] [inspic=36,,fullscreen] [inspic=37,,fullscreen]

Streaming multicast videos with VLC and mini-sap server 0

Streaming multicast videos with VLC and mini-sap server

VLC, formerly known as videolan is one of the most main-stream applications used today to achieve media playing, and especially video streming. It supports unicast (udp, http, mmsh) and broadcast/multicast streaming (udp and rtp). Multicast is fairly the most profitable protocol to use when talking in terms of bandwidth so lets see how it works.. Firstly, install vlc (accomplished by # apt-get install vlc) and then running it: # vlc...

aaaaaaaaaa cisco friend 0

aaaaaaaaaa cisco friend

The ultra-talented, super guru, networking virtuoso, my best friend Yakovz Shtutz featuring on my blog with a special item and memo from Belgium, check it out: [inspic=34,,fullscreen]

Debian to rule 0

Debian to rule

I decided to share with you the beauty of linux in my apartment. My elite acer laptop, needless to say this baby is fully powered by Ubuntu. [inspic=31,,fullscreen] A debian mug heh, nerd or not, you can’t argue with this beauty! [inspic=32,,fullscreen] And ofcourse my sexy g/f [inspic=33,,fullscreen]