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daloRADIUS Logos

During my military service (Army Reserves) last month I’ve met an old friend – Igor Grushko whose actually an artist and studying Architecture. I showed him daloRADIUS and asked him to design some logo drafts, needless to say, Igor has done an EXCELLENT job and I simply love his logos. Here are his original logo collections for daloRADIUS  

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Been Gone

Things have been happening in my life lately… My dad got sick and had to go through surgery and was committed to the Hospital for about 2.5 months. He’s now resting at home and getting better. A few weeks afterwards I had to go through surgery myself which to say the least, was really hard on me. Some advancements at work also occur, the company which I work in was...

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A Day In a Life – Poem to a friend

A google talk snippet for the sake of good memories Odd things happen when I study to Java and Statistics while listening to The Beatles – The White Album. Kids – do not try this at home! me: אאאאא שותף כתבתי לך פואמה לירית יפה Yakov: אאאאאאא me: חברי היקר, יקר לי מכל. רוצה לשוט איתך, בים הכחול. לדסקס על ענייני הרשתות, ולדון בקרנלים עם בעיות. לפעמים מתקמפלים, ולפעמים לא...

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OpenSER and FreeRADIUS integration

This hectic procedure requires some tweaking and patching but most of the information and relevant files can be found at [url=][/url] Basically, freeradius must include the dictionary.sip information, be patched against the rlm_sql module which requires tweaking for supporting the Acct-Status-Type ( = 15 error message) and ofcourse the sql.conf must be updated with queries relevant to sip sessions (this means that the database scheme must also be altered, more...

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Development in Open Source

Development in Open Source Open Source projects have gained in the past few years an entirely different reputation in the public’s eye, in a good sense. Now-days we are seeing things happening in the Open Source arena, beautiful things, that most of us didn’t expect to take place so fast and so intense. Among these, are the huge amount of endorsement in terms of project sponsorship coming from Fortune 500...

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FreeSWITCH – A new revolution in VoIP?

I’ve stumbled upon the word FreeSWITCH during a research I was conducting the last few days and as it turns out, FreeSWITCH is a soft-switch application designed with modularity in mind. It can act as a full-blown PBX or regular soft-switch for routing actions. It integrates with Jabber (googletalk), SIP, H323, IAX naturally. Seems like it is still in early development but looks like a promising new voip application never-the-less....

Missing php5-pdo-sqlite on Ubuntu Dapper 0

Missing php5-pdo-sqlite on Ubuntu Dapper

Ubuntu Dapper has been around for some time now and you’d figure it would have most of the important packages which are available on Debian but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Ofcourse I’m not to judge which package is more important although I would think that server-related packages like php5-pdo-sqlite should be available, but it isn’t. So one way to deal with it is contact the package author...

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Compiling single kernel module

We sometimes find ourselves in the need to compile just one module, and not the entire set of modules under the tree. The Makefile that is present in the dir of the module you wish to compile should read “obj-m := module.o” Run make -C /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.XX-YY-ZZZ/ SUBDIRS=$PWD modules Compiliation should be successful and you should see the binary objects in the current dir now. Reference:

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Smashing OpenWRT Embedded for fun

A prelude: Great news. After I had a talk with a friend of mine, Roie, whose basically a guru at all things embedded-related I decided to start working on some embedded devices for some projects. At first I took a glance at PC Engines WRAP devices but these are basically just your regular x86 embedded boxes so I ordered for the office to play with. The embedded wrap should be...

HUD Manager module for FreePBX 0

HUD Manager module for FreePBX

HUD is very cool to use for monitoring users and handling a small call center but there’s no easy way to export only the extensions you want to be enabled in it. So at first I wrote a script to go over sip_additional.conf and export everything to hud’s users.xml file. The was nice and useful but hardly handy since you couldn’t really filter easily the extensions you want...